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Au Revoir BulletTAGS

17th of July 2022 by Corey Chivers

It has been some time since BulletTAGS was first released.

It was a project of many firsts for me, using Django, creating a REST API, setting up infrastructure, and releasing an app for iOS as well as Android.

What will Happen and When?

The BulletTAGS landing page and short URL service redirect to this post, and both the iOS and Android apps are no longer available to download.

We will begin decommissioning the web and database servers hosting the REST API on the 1st of August 2022.

Your Data

A final snapshot of the database will be taken before shutting down the servers, and will be archived offline.

If you had a BulletTAGS account and would like a copy of your data, then please reach out to us using the support email address below.

More Information

If this blog post has raised questions that have not been addressed, then please reach out to us via the email address below.

[email protected]